Muthumuni Ayurveda Beach Resort

Within the lush foliage of coconut palms in Beruwela, Muthumuni Ayurveda Beach Resort welcomes you to experience a truly unique Ayurvedic journey, surrounded by the serenity of the Ocean waves. The resort is conveniently located 90 kilometers from the Bandaranayake International airport, a pleasant and cool two hour drive along the coast by the sea view.

This serene atmosphere affords you the ideal setting for healing, relaxation and emotional well being. We offer traditional Ayurvedic healing to rejuvenate your body and mind, with the addition of healthy and delectable cuisines from the local vicinity to tantalize your taste buds and senses. We have ensured the surrounding environment to be maintained to the healthiest atmosphere for our clients. Hence, we patronize to the no-polythene concept. Also plastics of any sort, aluminum and asbestos are avoided. The shimmering sunlight on the beach is therapeutic. The glorious views of the sunset and sunrise would take your breath away.

Outdoor activities at the resort include boat rides with friendly staff, paragliding overlooking the serene river, relaxing dips in our sun-warmed swimming pools, strolls and sunbathing on our neatly manicured garden. Deep sea fishing and diving can be arranged upon request as well.Muthumuni Ayurveda Centre- A sanctuary for rejuvenation, relaxation and pleasure. The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the mundane busy life, amidst the exotic green lush natural environment surrounded by the idyllic Ocean breeze.


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